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Contact the „Special Commission“ for rent now!

Living in Vienna is becoming more and more expensive. Whilst crookedlandlords get rich from illegally high rents, we are forced to pay half of ourincome or more per month for our flats. Politicians only watch the landlords‘ machinations. That’s why we are takingmatters into our own hands: the SOKO rent investigates!

In May, we are out and about in Favoriten, Ottakring and Brigittenau, knocking on thousands of doors and finding out where tenants are hurting. Is your rent higher than allowed? Doesn’t the property management take care of your concerns, are the operating costs too high? Tell us about it and help us investigate crooked landlords! Together we can change a lot. We are over 200,000 tenants that live in old buildings in Vienna, where the tenancy law fully applies. We can put an end to expensive rents and illegal contracts!

Help us and sign up - we will help each other!

Our demands

Penalties for crooked landlords
Much of the crooked things landlords do is already illegal -but there either is no punishment at all, or it is too low. This needs to change! Contracts must be systematically checked whether they comply with the law and tenants need access to free legal advice. In addition to that, we demand that fraudulent practices by landlords finally become a criminal offence.
Let’s get rid of premiums
Although there is a rent cap in Vienna for older buildings, landlords can charge extra premiums for e.g. a good location. However, the city is constructing the metro, hospitals, schools, and parks with our tax money. That is why the landlords should not profit from that. These premiums not only make your rent more expensive, but also very complicated. That is why we want to get rid of these additional costs, so that you know what you are paying for!
End time limits for contracts
So that your flat really feels like home and you don’t have to live with the constant fear that your contract might not get extended when it expires, we need contracts without temporal limitations. In addition to that, we demand a new tenancy law that extends its protection to all tenants.

Why we are starting SOKO Miete